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"Commercial Vehicle Air Pressure Drum Brake Technical Requirements and Test Methods" Group Standard Project Review Meeting Held Successfully
Publisher: Technology CenterRelease time: 2019-12-26

On December 7, 2019, the Group Standards Review Meeting of "Commercial Vehicle Air Drum Brake Technical Requirements and Test Methods", commissioned by Jiangsu Hengli Brake Manufacturing Co., Ltd., commissioned by the Brake Committee of the China Automobile Industry Association, was held at Shanghai Blue Palace University. The hotel was successfully held.

Nine expert team members from China Automobile Industry Association, Brake Commission, Automobile Standardization Institute, Tongji University School of Automotive Engineering, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Sinotruk, Jianghuai, Qingling, and Jiangling Engine Plants, participated in the preparation of units Beiqi Foton and Yutong Bus , Technical Experts from SAIC Chase, Fangsheng Axle, Hande Axle, Yihe Axle, Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Xiangyang), Shandong Antu Brake Material Company, Chairman of Jiangsu Hengli Brake Group, Xu Qizhao and Marketing A total of more than 30 people in charge of technology attended the review meeting.

In accordance with the China National Automobile Industry Association Brake Committee group standard project evaluation review process, the conference host Gu Yifan first introduced the "China Automobile Industry Association Standards Revision Management Measures" related content and the resumes of each evaluation expert.

     Zhou Dan, the technical director of Jiangsu Hengli Brake Manufacturing Co., Ltd. made a special introduction to the relevant standards of the draft "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Pneumatic Drum Brake of Commercial Vehicles", focusing on the necessity, rationality and feasibility of the standard report.

During the meeting, experts answered questions and exchanges through expert defense links, and experts also provided professional suggestions and opinions. Representatives of Yutong Bus and Futian Research Institute, as joint participants, also announced support for the standard from the perspective of the OEM. Finally Gu Yifan summarized the content of the defense and pushed the meeting to the next stage.

After the experts voted behind closed doors, in the end, Jiangsu Hengli Co., Ltd. planned to undertake the compilation of the "Commercial Vehicle Air Pressure Drum Brake Technical Requirements and Test Methods" group standard with 9 votes.
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