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like! You are amazing post-90s
Publisher: Release time: 2018-8-28

For a long time, post-90s have been labeled with "personality, selfishness, perverseness" and other terms, saying that they are a headache and embarrassing generation. But in fact, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that in the 90s of Jiangsu Hengli, there are a group of enthusiastic, sunny, motivated, hard-working, and courageous. After 90s, they are starting to burden the department and become the backbone of the front-line team. Lu Jing in our hoof-making workshop is a enthusiastic, enthusiastic and enterprising post-90s generation.

In 2016, Lu Jing, who just graduated, came to the Hengli family and became part of the hoof making workshop. Although he had just arrived, he was unfamiliar with everything, but he always humblely consulted his predecessors, learned with an open mind, and with his stubbornness and hard work, he quickly mastered the working skills and gradually grew into the backbone of the workshop. In addition, in daily work and life, I am always willing to help others, especially to help everyone do some heavy physical work, which made the workers nodded and praised.

At the end of June this year, due to the personal reasons of individual operators, the 3T hoof four stations proposed to resign. However, because of the good market situation and the peak production season, this is undoubtedly putting tremendous pressure on the workshop. How to deal with it has become a big problem before me. How to do?

What I didn't expect is that after learning about this situation, Lu Jing found me on his own initiative and said: Director, you are hiring and returning to work, and now the production is so busy, I will take this position first, and the quality and quantity are completed. One, you detain me ten, and you will never hold back. You will definitely win glory for the hoof-making workshop and for glory. "Although I am young, I know that the young man standing in front of me is just the talent we need for perseverance. This courage and responsibility is worth learning for each of us!

In ordinary jobs, competing with production and quality, Lu Jing interpreted his responsibility and love for Hengli in the most simple way. Let us praise him! At the same time, it is hoped that more young people in the company will be able to shoulder heavy responsibilities and grow rapidly.

(Text / Hoofmaking Workshop Lu Wenjie)

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