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,根据市场建立了相应的服务网络,在长春、十堰、合肥、柳州、马鞍山、蓬莱等设有办事处。 Satisfying customers and satisfying customers' needs is our aim. In order to provide services in a timely and fast manner, we have established corresponding service networks in accordance with the market. We have offices in Changchun, Shiyan, Hefei, Liuzhou, Ma'anshan, Penglai, etc.

During the quality guarantee period, we will actively respond to the quality problems received from users, regardless of whether our company caused them. We will also provide solutions within 24 hours. If on-site processing is needed, we will dispatch service personnel to solve the problems in a timely manner, and take customer satisfaction as the standard to ensure The interests of users improve the credibility of the enterprise.

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