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Character, quality, variety, brand-the company's ever-changing way to win in the market.

级企业、省精神文明建设先进单位、中国汽车工业协会制动器委员会理事单位。 Jiangsu Hengli Group is an earlier domestic auto parts manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production and supporting of automobile brake systems. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, an innovative enterprise in Jiangsu province, an AAA enterprise in provincial quality credit, an advanced unit in provincial spiritual civilization construction, Member of the brake committee of China Automobile Industry Association. "Hengli Brand" brakes have been identified as Jiangsu Famous Brand and Jiangsu Famous Brand Product.

16日经江苏省工商行政管理局核准登记成立,旗下拥有江苏恒力制动器制造有限公司、安徽恒力制动器有限公司、靖江市恒力底盘部件有限公司、靖江市恒诚机械配件有限公司、靖江市黄埔机械部件有限公司、靖江市东泰机械部件有限公司、靖江市恒友汽车部件有限公司、靖江市恒力制动器工程技术研究有限公司、靖江市恒大汽车部件有限公司7个子公司和1个成员企业。 Jiangsu Hengli Group, as an auto parts enterprise group, was established on January 6 , 2012 with the approval of the Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. It owns Jiangsu Hengli Brake Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Anhui Hengli Brake Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Heng Li Chassis Parts Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Hengcheng Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Huangpu Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Dongtai Machinery Parts Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Hengyou Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Hengli Brake Engineering Technology Research Co., Ltd. 7 subsidiary companies and 1 member enterprise of Jingjiang Hengda Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

The Group and Jiangsu University and other universities have extensively carried out industry-university-research cooperation. The company has established Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Jiangsu High Performance Brake Device Engineering Technology Research Center. 余件。 A total of more than 100 invention patents, new practical and appearance patents have been declared for various products. Pneumatic disc brake products have won the third prize of "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award".

气压盘式制动器总成、各类转向管柱、汽车转向装置总成及各种型号的凸轮轴、调整臂、支架、气室、推力杆、限位支架、气室支架、角转向器等。 The leading products are various types of drum brakes, 16 ~ 24.5 inch pneumatic disc brake assemblies, various steering columns, automobile steering gear assemblies and various types of camshafts, adjusting arms, brackets, air chambers, thrust rods, Limit bracket, air chamber bracket, angle steering gear, etc. The company has the ability to research and develop and mass produce auxiliary brake assemblies, steering gear assemblies, and other auto parts for various types of medium and heavy-duty trucks, light vehicles, large and medium-sized passenger cars, construction machinery and vehicles. The products are widely used in FAW, Dongfeng, JAC, Ankai, Dongfeng Liuqi, Guangxi Shengsheng, Jiangling, Qingling, Beiqi Foton, Shaanxi Hand, Shanxi Grand Canal, SAIC Chase, Valin Heavy Truck, Xuzhou Meritor, Yutong Domestic famous OEMs such as buses, Jinlong buses, Zhongtong buses, and Huanghai buses.

Looking to the future, Hengli people will uphold the business philosophy of “character, quality, variety, brand” and unremitting pursuit of “manufactured by heart, the pursuit of excellence”, making Hengli products the choice of many auto companies. Become an auto parts enterprise group with independent innovation and sustainable development capabilities.

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